X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

The VPR Alliance is a program of standardization and consistency guidelines set by API Audio for manufacturers, to make our products physically fit and electronically conform to API's 500 series rack specifications. Customers benefit from the VPR Alliance through the elimination of any confusion as to which products are endorsed for placement in API racks. Customers also benefit from a wider range of module choices for their racks, safety in the knowledge that the specification of the third party unit is correct, and that there is no risk of damage occurring.

FiveFish Audio is a member of the API VPR Alliance.

X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

The X72 sound is BIG, PUNCHY, and HUGE. It adds a deep, nice, WARM coloration to the overall sound. Really deep-sounding huge. And low frequencies come out punchy and TIGHT.

  • Using UK-made Carnhill Input and Output Transformers
  • 12-step Gain from 22dB to 68dB, at 4dB/step
  • Output trim control
  • LED-lighted push buttons for 48V phantom, pads, and polarity reverse switches
  • Relay Controlled Polarity Reverse
  • Relay Controlled -20dB Pad
  • Soft-start/Ramp-up 48V Phantom Power
  • 5-LED VU Meter
  • Using high-performance chips, and quality components
  • Option to use Discrete OpAmps with the 990/2520 format
  • Use of high quality 1% Metal Film resistors, and high-quality ceramic and electrolytic capacitors
  • Output surge protection circuit
  • Input RFI protection
  • Output RFI protection

I recently purchased your X72 pre. First I wanted to thank you for getting it to me quickly so I could use it for a big session I had, and also wanted to say that thing rocks! Used it mainly for electric guitar and vocals. Totally kills. Thanks! - Mike B, USA

You make a damn nice sounding pre. In fact, you make at least 2. After a couple sessions with the X-12 and X-72 I've decided that I need a pair of each. With that in mind, could I repeat my last order of an x-12 and an x-72? Then all I have to do is decide if I fill the last 2 slots of my Lunchbox with PEQ-503s or MX5s. - Andrew M, Canada

X-72mk500 - Just got one of these and it is absolutely fantastic. I've used it on acoustic guitar and today on snare drum. Wonderful. I plan on getting at least one more maybe 2 or 3. - user post on Gearslutz

I just bought an X-72 and was blown away. It sounds fantastic. Different but just as good as my 512c's and my original Daking 52270's. Plan on getting 3 more. Thanks for making such a great mic pre affordable. - Chris C., www.galuminumfoil.com

Still loving The X-72. Being used right now all over my bands new cd. Thanks for making great products so affordable. - B.Smellis, USA

This is a great preamp, great sound, full bodied sound. - eBay feedback X-72mk500

My studio clients are impressed with the great sound of your X-72 pres. Thanks again for supplying goods that really rock....great violin player plus an X-72 plus a AKG 414 equals heaven... acoustic bliss... Thanks again. RealFeel Studios, Australia

I bought a pair of x72's off you a couple of months ago and they are simply the fattest, most toneful, huge sounding pre in my rack.... kick and snare have never been as fat, present, and in ya face!!, and a Les Paul through a valve vintage Fender...wow! THANKS.

A+ Love it! SOUNDS FANTASTIC....THANKS! X-72mk500, eBay feedback

I've received the preamp and I have to say that YOU ROCK !! Just amazing units! I will put a very good feedback on Ebay because you really deserve it. Best wishes for 2010. - Paris Lle-de-France, France

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X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

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X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

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This project, as everything I've done with the X-72 mic pre has been easy and allowed me to use it on what ever i choose with great results. I mostly do projects for National Geographic using stringed instruments including guitars, acoustic and electric and both as you heard come through with the clarity I need. I used a U87 for the acoustics though the X-72 and a 57 mic a PRS Super Dallas Amplifier and a PRS McCarty for the electrics. The bass was run through a direct box straight into the X-72 with excellent results.

Mike Ault CREDITS: Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Mike Ault © 2010 Mike Ault www.mikeaultmusic.com